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5 Responses to About

  1. Alicia Tay says:

    Dear Cal, mumi saw ur smile finally. There is one thing mumi nd to emphasize, which us ur cap. It’s blocking mumi fm seeing ur beautiful face. Can u turn ur cap the other way so it doesn’t block ur face. Heheee….cos mumi luv to c ur face. Hee..also y is ur dumpling so long instead of triangle? Haha..kidding. mumi knw u tried ur best. Mumi is just pulling ur leg. Btw, is e weather there cold? Did u send ur clothes for Laudry? Mumi did nt pack too many long sleeve for u, cos mumi knw u will b hot. Is mumi judgement wrong for this time… ? Mumi keep seeing u wearing jacket. R u very cold over there? Mumi is very worry nw. Can u pls reply.

  2. Wenyu says:

    Hey Wei Wei,
    How is it there over at NanJing
    Mummy saw pictures of you and told me to post here to remind you to dry your hair more thoroughly before you get out and also to comb it. Haha, so you would look better in your photos ><
    Drink more water okay? 😀
    Love Jie Jie

  3. Yvonne Chean says:

    Dear Luke, Hope you are enjoying yourself over in Nanjing. We miss you here. Don’t worry too much abou things. Drink more water. We will go early to the airport to wait for you.
    :Love Yi Yi

  4. Wenwei's mama says:

    My dearest Wei and all teacher-in-change:
    A very good afternoon! A picture is worth a thousand words. It’s working out wonderfully, I believe my daughter would enjoy the trip! We miss you my darling- Wenwei:)

  5. Wenwei's mama says:

    Happy belated birthday to Mr. GOH!
    I just manage to read all about Nanjing, we both parents was away during ‘MBS-Nanjing trip’.
    You’re the BEST teacher to my two daughters, they think you are “Mighty and Marvelous”-Wenyu & Wenwei!

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