Penang Day 2

Hello Mums and Dads!

The kids awoke to a hearty buffet breakfast in the hotel restaurant. The food sure kept them energised for the activities leading up to lunch.

After breakfast, we started our day’s itinerary with a visit to the tau sar piah factory! The kids and teachers had a hands-on session making yummy pastries. Don’t worry Mums and Dad, we will be taking some back for you to savour!

We then left for the Hakka Village. On the way there we drove through a nutmeg plantation. Most of the kids have never seen a nutmeg tree. Did you know that all parts of the nutmeg fruit can be eaten?

We arrived at the Hakka Village, located on an idyllic hilltop. The kids and teachers learned more about the Hakkas, an influential Chinese community in Penang.

After having lunch in a restaurant, we headed for the Tropical Fruit Farm. The kids and teachers were treated to the sights and smells of various tropical fruits. They had 250 varieties of tropical fruits on the farm. Impressive!

Next up, Entopia! The kids were entomologists for the day. They discovered all kinds of insects. From butterflies to creepy-crawlies, you name it! You could see the delight on their faces.

We ended the day with dinner at a restaurant before returning to our hotel. After dinner and daily reflections, the kids returned to their rooms and rested for the night. Mums and Dad, see you tomorrow at the airport!img_4848img_4898img_4897img_4894img_4893img_4890img_4896img_4867img_4881img_4889img_4886img_4887img_4888img_4884img_4880img_4862img_4861img_4892img_4860img_4878img_4895img_4865img_4877img_4855img_4853img_4854img_4885img_4859img_4891


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