Penang Day 1 (27 Oct 2016 – 29 Oct 2016)

Phew… what a hectic but enjoyable day!

After touching down in Penang, we headed straight for our first stop on the itinerary, Kek Lok Si Temple. We laid eyes on the beautiful grounds of the temple, said to be one of the largest Buddhist ones in Malaysia.

After taking in the first sights of the day, we headed for a local restaurant for our lunch. After having our fill, off we went to the Penang State Museum.

The kids and teachers took a walk around the museum, learning about the history of Penang and browsing various artifacts. There were also art pieces by famous local artists.

Next up was the Tropical Spice Garden. The kids had a wonderful time learning about the different spices found all around the world. Who knew that such spices were commonly used in many everyday items and food?

We ended the day’s tour with dinner at a local restaurant before heading for our hotel to check in.

After the debrief and reflection, the children returned to their rooms to rest and recharge for the activities on the following day. Mums and Dads, rest well too!img_4780img_4787img_4797img_4804img_4794img_4792img_4793img_4801img_4805img_4812img_4813img_4791img_4817img_4796img_4806img_4809img_4802img_4818


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