Penang Day 2 (23 Oct 2014 – 25 Oct 2014)

Hello Mums and Dads,

In the morning, the rested children were presented with a scrumptious hotel buffet breakfast to prepare them for a whole day of activities.

Shortly after, we arrived at our first destination for the day – Penang Phor Tay School. We were warmly welcomed by their staff. Our children also learnt a cultural dance from the younger pupils and put up a combined performance. After all the dancing, the children were treated to a meal specially prepared by Phor Tay School. We were really grateful for the hospitality we received from them.

Next up was the Tau Sa Piah making session. For most, it was the first time making their own Tau Sa Piah. When they received their self-made Tau Sa Piah, they were really excited and compared their final product with their friends. We also did some shopping at the store.

At the Peranakan Museum, the pupils saw interesting exhibits and learnt more about the history of the Peranakans. The Penang street art tour wowed the pupils as they took many photographs.

After dinner, the children returned to their rooms and rested for the night. Mums and Dads, sleep early and prepare to welcome your little ones tomorrow! Good night.

IMG-20141024-WA0017 IMG-20141024-WA0018 IMG-20141024-WA0019 IMG-20141024-WA0020 IMG-20141024-WA0021 IMG-20141024-WA0022 IMG-20141024-WA0023 IMG-20141024-WA0024 IMG-20141024-WA0025 IMG-20141024-WA0026 IMG-20141024-WA0027 IMG-20141024-WA0028 IMG-20141024-WA0029 IMG-20141024-WA0030 IMG-20141024-WA0031 IMG-20141024-WA0032 IMG-20141024-WA0033 IMG-20141024-WA0034 IMG-20141024-WA0035 IMG-20141024-WA0036 IMG-20141024-WA0037


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