Message to all from the teachers in Nanjing

Dear Parents,

It has been a wonderful experience to bring this group of 40 pupils to Nanjing for these 10 days & 9 nights. We got to know more about them and we spotted a few talents amongst the children. The two Nanjing teachers attached to us were also impressed by them for being responsible and spontaneous. We are glad to have this opportunity to be part of this special journey. Thank you for the encouraging comments on the blog. Your words added adrenaline to spur us on.

See you at the airport on Sunday. 🙂

PS: A big thank you to our Singapore based teacher, Mdm Tan Jun Hui for updating the parents constantly. Thank you Mrs Lim, Mrs Tye and MBS teachers for giving us the support and encouragement for making this trip a memorable one.

Best Wishes,

Mdm Yeo Hwee Choo (Overall teacher-in-charge)

Mdm Rachel Cheng (Red group’s teacher-in-charge)

Mr Goh Koon Heng (Blue group’s teacher-in-charge)

Ms Clarice Koh (Green group’s teacher-in-charge)

Ms Huang Yuyun (Yellow group’s teacher-in-charge cum blogger)


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7 Responses to Message to all from the teachers in Nanjing

  1. kay-en's family says:

    to all teachers: it wasn’t easy but you have done it; thank you!

    to all children: it was a good learning journey & you have made it; well done!

  2. Bling says:

    Dear teachers, no words can express my gratitude to your constant loving care and commitment to the children. Thanks for being with the children and allow them to have such a valuable experience in Nanjing. Thanks again. Jing Wu’s mummy. 🙂

  3. Shannon Toh's Mummy says:

    I like to express my sincere thanks to the teachers who had made the 10-day Nanjing Trip such memorable to my daughter, Shannon. Shannon is lucky to be one of the 40 children who had this good opportunity to travel with such wonderful teachers. This 10-day-lesson will accompanied her for life.
    Thank you to the Principal, Mrs Lim and all the teachers that made this Nanjing Trip a success.
    Thank you to Singapore-Based Teacher, Mdm Tan for staying with us always and giving moral support to worried parents like me. 🙂
    Thank you to teachers like Mdm Yeo, Mdm Cheng, Ms Koh, Ms Huang and Mr Goh for making this trip so happening and bringing our children home safe and sound!
    Special thank you to Teacher Rachel Cheng (Red Group) for the care and love to Shannon and her fellow mates.

    Special thanks to Shannon’s Red Group team members too. Thank you for your co-operation and care throughout the trip for her. Especially her room mates who had gave her a pat on her shoulder for encouragement; lent her the shoulder to cry when feeling homesick and all other supports and laughter that kept her growing stronger each day. I really envy the bond that built between you girls. The trip is coming to an end but your friendship will never end.

  4. Mrs Lim Bee Lay/Maha Bodhi School says:

    Dear Parents
    Thank you for your encouraging words for our teachers. Yes, it was indeed hard work looking after the children 24/7 and having to worry about not just 1 but 40 active children all at the same time. Our teachers (both Nanjing & Hangzhou teams) have done a splendid job and I look forward to your continued partnership as we walk this journey together.
    See you all at the airport.

  5. Stanley says:

    To all the teachers who have made this trip possible, thank you very very much! I suppose words alone will not be enough for us to express our sincere gratitude towards all the teachers who have contributed in one way or another, big or small, to make the trip a success! We were extremely worried when Genevieve left home for such a long journey on her very own without her parents – for the very first time! We sobbed when she walked through the departure gate. However, with the constant updates and pictures at this portal, we became less anxious and more assured that Genevieve would be well looked after. It has been an anxious time for us and, again, the constand updates and pictures really helped us cope with the anxiety. Today, we are very confident that our children will always be well looked after in any MBS school trips and will not hesitate to let our children (including our younger son Bryson in P1) participate in future immersion programmes. Thank you once again to all the teachers, including the very caring school principal Mrs Lim, for making this trip such a success!!!

    Best regards,
    Stanley & Alicia

  6. Shannon Toh says:

    Thank you…

  7. Kay-En says:

    I would like to take this opportunity to Thank all the teachers from Maha Bodhi School, teachers from 行知小学,浦口实验小学 who took part in this Nanjing Exchange Programme, not forgetting Mrs Lim and Mrs Tye.

    I am very previleged to be selected to take part in this programme and I learnt and shared many experiences with my China friends. Although we got homesick during the first few days, but we overcame within the next two days with the care and concern from our dedicated teachers who took good care of us throughout the ten days’ programme.

    Once again, special thanks to Ms Clarice Koh, Mdm Yeo Hwee Choo, Mdm Rachel Cheng, Ms Huang Yuyun and Mr Goh Koon Heng. 老师,辛苦您了。希望明年还有机会跟你们一起出国交流。

    Warm regards,

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